Outdoor photo session with two amazing brothers in Mt Juliet

This outdoor photo session was amazing.. stepmom wanted a special birthday present for dad! She wanted it to be a surprise… So stepmom visits me at the studio to discuss all the details, how we would style the boys, showed her all the products we have available. She bought some new shirts to match the style of the session. And we did all the rest. At the day of the session Grandma would help and brought the boys together with their stepmom to the session.

“No.. I don’t think I am going to like this.. a photo session” said the oldest brother on the way to the setting…. Yes we often here this from a 6 year old.. But wait and see….

It was magic… they looked amazing ! The love for each other.. not being able to read yet… but still helping each other by telling what the pictures told them..  giggling.. whispering secrets.. you could see they were enjoying themselves.. playing with the car and airplane.. playing hyde and seek… and last but definitely no least.. the water !

Le moment supreme… took off those shirts… rolled up their pants… and they were ready ! Oh my…. they didn’t even noticed the camera was there…

“Can we please go into the water?”  ….. ohh boy… did they enjoy doing that…  can you tell?!

And of course.. when we needed to wrap it up… oh noo….. not yet…. please … they were having a blast !

But for me personally… my reward… when the oldest brother told me… ” I really did like doing this photo session.. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! We had fun!”…. what more can you want, right?! It was amazing…  And they promised “pinky swear” they would not tell daddy… It was a surprise.. 3 and 6 .. both such wonderful brothers… and you know what? They didn’t tell dad until two weeks later.. when they gave him his amazing album, framed fine art portrait and accordion booklet.

I know there were some tears of joy.. and so many beautiful memories for these two wonderful young man.. I am sure they will treasure these for ever !


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New country, new products, new albums

A new country .. new products..

As you all know, I find it very important as a photographer to be able to offer my customers the most beautiful and high end products possible.

I have noticed that now a days everyone wants digital photos. And yes I understand that.. mainly to share on social media. And everyone has really the intention to do something with those digital files. You want to print them, frame them, make an album with them. But when you ask people after a year “What did you really do with those digital files” almost everyone must admit they did nothing with them. Often time is a crucial factor or time-consuming to go on internet and search for the ideal product.

Well for this very reason I find it my responsibility, my duty as a photographer to do that work for my customers. I spent hours and hours looking for these perfect products that matches my style of pictures. I invested in specific software to be able to make amazing albums. So this combination is ideal. You only have to choose your favorite photos during there viewing session and choose which album you would love to have. Then you choose the cover material out of the samples that I have here at my studio,  choose if you want thin or thick pages and which paper you like most. And you go home, sit back and relax and wait for an email with a link to their custom made online photo album. Completely  designed for you. You can review it and proof your album from your sofa at home.. and a few days later your album is ready for pick-up. It really can’t be much easier then this and yes.. those photos are printed on archival paper that will last at least 100 years to come. And will be cherished by future generations… Isn’t that awesome ?!

New albums

This is one of the albums I selected. Amazing leather, vintage look, with beautiful paper that has a deep grain texture with a delicate feel.

Amazing leather albums with a vintage look

Amazing leather album, vintage look with beautiful paper that has a deep grain texture with a delicate feel.

I am sure this gorgeous album will treasure many memories for years to come for so many customers.

Are you also interested in these beautiful albums, contact me for a pre-consulation.



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A new beginning…

After a wonderful holiday with my family from Belgium I am ready to start!

All business licenses arrived, insurances are in place and the most exciting thing is that my new samples are being delivered this week! Can’t wait to see them after spending a lot of time looking for and testing several professional suppliers.

My old customers in Belgium know I do pay a lot of attention to my products. They need to be perfect, stand out and give the photos an extra dimension…. I can’t wait to show them as they come in.. I know you all will love them! They match my style perfectly.

So hang in there… I have a lot to show in the coming weeks.


Don’t you just love this photo? Look at this sun ! Amazing sunset here in the Nashville area!

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Hello world!

A new beginning, a new website for Lucy’s Photography !

How exciting is this, isn’t it?

I am working very hard to be able to start my business again on January 1st 2017… I hope to meet a lot of new families from Nashville and surrounding areas and being able to provide them with many memories for many years to come.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to grab my camera again and use my new studio here in Mount Juliet, TN.

A complete new chapter in my life, a new country, a new state, a new house, new families, new friendships, new memories, new products, … it is a dream for me for which I have been waiting my whole life !

I hope I will be able to share my joy, my expertise and my creative vision with all of you !

Hello USA ! Hello Tennesse ! Hello Mount Juliet! I am ready !


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