For years I was fascinated about photos. After having taken so many photos with a little compact camera I realised that I wanted to do more !

I signed up for art school and followed 4 years of Photography Classes in Belgium. After graduation I soon learned that I love to photograph newborn babies and families. I ended up attending workshops in Canada, Amsterdam, London, Dublin and Manchester from some amazing photographers I admired, to be able to produce art for you which meets my high standards.

I love it so much, being able to capture those moments in life that means so much to my customers and me. 

I am a full service photographer which means I will try and help you deliver the best art products that matches your needs. I will help you through the complete process and work with you to find what you love most, what you would like to freeze in time and produce amazing art products that you will cherish forever. 

I hope I can share my passion with you!